Your dungeon can be reset by pressing the Dungeon button when you have 3 or fewer Bones and Velis. All rare items and monsters will be deleted if you reset your dungeon.

DG Ranking
Dungeon Ranking score consists of your dungeon's fame (the score ranking) and your dungeon's strength (the monster-force ranking). Your ranking is displayed as “ZV-DG (Player)”.

Item Help
Display a list of rare items in the dungeon. You start the game with a “Knight's Emblem” that must be placed in an area of the dungeon in order to start the arrival of heroes. 

Monster Mix 
Manage your monsters & evolve them to new forms. 

Game Speed 
4 game speeds are available and you can control the enemy advance: Freeze, Slow, Normal and Fast.

  You can change between the available speed options by single clicking Game Speed on top of the screen, or using the Tab key.
To manually speed up the game beyond the Fast setting, press and hold the Shift key.
To manually slow down the game press and hold Ctrl key.

Hero Indicator
Red Circle indicates standard heroes.
Yellow Circle indicates item carrying heroes. Items can be collected once these heroes are defeated.
Star indicates a group of heroes.

Change Music and SFX/Voice volumes

 Screen Resolution and Save File options must be chosen when you launch the game.

Save & Quit
Save the current dungeon state and exit the game.

 This game does not auto-save, you must always save before quitting by pressing CTRL + S